stunning imagery, competitive prive
dPict Visualization offers a full range of architectural rendering services to showcase your project in the best light possible. Whatever your needs, we can handle it whether it’s a fully 3D rendering, a photomontage to illustrate how the finished project integrates with the neighborhood, a beautiful interior, a sketch style massing study or an animated walkthrough. Additional services include:

  • Rendered Elevations
  • Drone photography and and Video (Certified and Insured Part 107 Remote Pilot)
  • Match-Moved Photomontage Animations (Drone video)
  • Virtual Tours (QTVR)
  • Product (ID) visualization
  • Watercolor Effects Massing Studies
  • Sun Studies

Ensuring the highest image quality does not mean project budgets are irrelevant however. By leveraging state-of-the-art tools with talented artists, dPict Visualization is able to keep costs highly competitive and still ensure a beautiful result.

At dPict Visualization, every project is given great care and attention. There are no cookie-cutter images and no holding back on attention to details. The result, images that are often as suitable for framing as they are inside a marketing brochure or a presentation to a review board.

With local, national and international clients, dPict Visualization is experienced in creating images that allow owners, architects and developers to accurately review and understand a project during design to help avoid costly errors and design changes during construction. In marketing materials, these same images demonstrate to prospective buyers exactly how their new home will look, generating sales before any construction begins.


virtual tours, flythroughs
An animation of your project can bring it to life in ways a still image cannot. We have the tools and rendering horsepower to create walkthroughs, flythroughs, product animations or sun-studies often necessary to illustrate a project. At dPict Visualization, these animations maintain the same level of image quality as our still images resulting in exceptional realism and a sense of “being there”.

Virtual tours or panoramas, a lower-cost and quicker turnaround alternative to animations, can create an interactive experience of being present in the unbuilt space encouraging the user to look around and feel the space. Contact us today to learn how the range of rendering services can highlight your project in new and exciting ways.


unlimited possibilities
Producing high resolution, photo-realistic renderings requires large amounts of computer processing power to calculate the necessary lighting, reflections, and shading that make up an image. In order to accommodate this, dPict Visualization maintains an in-house renderfarm of several computers to provide the horsepower necessary to render your project’s high-resolution still images and animations quickly and efficiently.

Our renderfarm currently consists of multiple nodes with 160 processor cores running at a minimum combined 450GHz with a total of 160GB of RAM. To learn more about how dPict can help you with your next project, please contact us via email or phone.


cad, BIM model or napkin sketch
At dPict Visualization every image starts with your design. Our rendering services begin by constructing a detailed 3D model after which we produce a grayscale image to verify the model is exactly what’s needed. Once the model is approved, we develop materials, textures, and lighting to bring the model to life with multiple reviews to present the project as best as possible.  Final high-resolution stills or animations are rendered and further refined in photo and video editing software.  As a company based in the Chicago area, dPict Visualization is available for in-person meetings to discuss the vision and scope of the project as well as poised to respond immediately to any revisions or questions. Unlike non-local studios, we can easily schedule site visits to do backplate photography for photomontages, perform drone photography or video shoots, document existing materials or prepare correct building reflections.

dPict Visualization can generate imagery at any stage of your design process whether you are brainstorming site ideas, refining the CAD drawings or finalizing every minor detail in a BIM model.  As former architects, our staff understands buildings: how they get designed, how they are drawn and how they get built. Architect’s drawings are often representational, finished renderings cannot be and we know how to fill in those details that make an image come alive. We do this while paying close attention to your review comments, schedules and deadlines.